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Department of Biology, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405, USA

Students in my lab group work on topics loosely organized around the evolution & ecology of interspecific interactions and/or the evolution of reproductive strategies, especially cross-fertilization. We are particularly interested in host-parasite coevolution and the evolution and ecology of parasite virulence.

<>lab photo 1, sometime in the 1990s.

Videos by members of the lab
<>Lively Lab recruiting video 2007
<>gel electrophoresis video by Gabe Harp: Iron Biologist.

Current graduate students
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Mandy Gibson -- host-parasite interactions, coevolution, cross-fertilization
Kate Charles -- recombination theory
Sam Slowinski -- evolution of outcrossing (coadvised by Ellen Ketterson)
Amrita Battacharya -- evolution of polyandry
(coadvised by Farrah Bashey)
Amy Dapper -- recombination theory, sexual conflict (coadvised by Mike Wade)

Rotation students Fall 2015
Zoe Austin
Kara Million

Current Post-doctoral associates.--

Current Undergraduates Researchers.--
Julie Xu
Peyton Joachim
Eric Cui

Previous Visitors to the lab.--
Stephanie Hamm,
PhD in History and Philosophy of Science
Prof. Joanne Webster, Oxford University/Imperial College, London
Virginie Poullain, Montpellier, France
Dr. Lucie Salvaudon, Paris, France
Prof. Dieter Ebert, University of Basel, Switzerland

Past graduate students (degree date), present position.--
Steve Howard (PhD 1994), Prof. of Biology, MTSU
Jennifer Fox
(MS 1995), Assistant Professor, Georgetown Univ. 
Neil Kenny
(MS 1995), High School teacher
Ed Levri (PhD 1997), Professor, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Altoona
Amy Wethington
(MS 1997), Assistant Professor, Chowan College
Amy Krist (PhD 1998), Associate Research Scientist, Univ of Wyoming
Andy Peters (PhD 1998), Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Tony Frankino (PhD 2000), Assistant Professor, University of Houston
Gabe Harp (MS 2003), Graphic Design
Maurine Neiman (PhD 2004), Assistant Professor, University of Iowa
Erik Osnas-- (PhD 2004), Post-Doc, Princeton University
Michelle Tseng---(PhD 2005), Post-doc, Univ. British Columbia
Idelle Cooper--(PhD 2008), Asst. Prof., James Madison University
Britt Koskella-(PhD 2008), Asst. Prof., University of California, Berkeley
Kayla King--(PhD 2011), Assoc. Prof., Oxford University
Deanna Soper --(PhD 2012), Lecturer, Beloit College
Daniela Vergara -- (PhD 2013), Post-doc, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

Past post-docs.--
Mark Dybdahl (Assoc. Prof., Washington State University)
Steve Johnson (Assoc. Prof., Univ. New Orleans)
Jukka Jokela (Professor, EAWAG and ETH, Switzerland)
Fabienne Vigneux (Paris, France)
Justyna Wolinska
(Asst. Prof., Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB))
Nick Priest (Asst. Prof., University of Bath)
Hadas Hawlena (Asst. Prof., Ben Gurion University)
Farrah Bashey-Visser (Assistant Research Scientist, Indiana University)
Levi Morran (Assistant Professor, Emory University)


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Publications by Lively-lab graduate students from thesis work at IU

C. M. Lively, Dept. of Biology, Indiana University
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