Steve Howard and I recently began working on models of mate choice. We are particularly interested in comparing random mating with (1) condition-dependent choice, and (2) choice favoring opposite genotypes at loci encoding disease resistance (Opposites Attract).  We are also interested in how mate choice might give an advantange to outcrossing over parthenogenetic reproduction. 


Howard, R. S. and C. M. Lively. 2003. Opposites attract? Mate choice for parasite evasion and the evolutionary stability of sex. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 16:681-689.

Howard, R.S. and C.M. Lively. 2004. Good vs. complementary genes for parasite resistance and the evolution of mate choice. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2004, 4:48

C. M. Lively, Dept. of Biology, Indiana University
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