Jukka Jokela at Lake Alexandrina. Jukka was a post-doctoral associate at Indiana University between 1994 and 1996, funded by the Academy of Finland. He took the lab in a new direction by emphatically pointing out the need for solid life-history data, which could be used to compare sexual and asexual morphs of the snail. He also brought key statistical skills, and a knack for insightful testable questions. Jukka is also the driving force behind our long-term study of snail-trematode interactions in New Zealand.  A recent paper from this work shows that parasites evolve to infect common clones in a mixed (sexual and asexual) population of the snails, which is directly consistent with the Red Queen hypothesis (Jokela et al. 2009). 

Jukka is presently Professor and Director of EAWAG in Dubendorf Switzerland (web page for Jukka).


Jokela, J., M.F. Dybdahl, and C.M. Lively.  2009.  The maintenance of sex, clonal dynamics, and host-parasite coevolution in a mixed population of sexual and asexual snails.  American Naturalist 174: S43-S53.

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