February 2010 Solidarity Now!


Solidarity Now! February, 2010. Volume 26, Number 4

An Open Letter to the President


by Linda Harl

Dear President McRobbie:
Thank you for your kind email letter of September 4 addressed to all staff. It is nice to be appreciated. One would only wish that your actions and those of other administrators matched your words.

Geology Summer Courses and Enterprise Rental Issues 2009


by Terry Stigall

There are none. Enterprise was NOT used to supply the large SUV vehicles for the IU summer geology field courses in Montana. And the best thing that came from this? NO FLAT TIRES! Not a single flat tire occurred over the course of the whole summer due to the efforts of IU Purchasing and IU Motorpool to provide the vehicles needed WITH the tires best suited for Montana roads.

Some Get It, Some Don’t


by Peter Kaczmarczyk

Now more than ever you need to join your union.
First, I’ll get out of the way two arguments we often hear against joining: We can’t strike and we can’t negotiate wage amounts. This is true on both counts, but it is a small part of the equation. We do so much more.
If you didn’t have a union, you would have far fewer rights. You could be terminated quickly and easily, without due process or a fair hearing of the facts. You could be moved to another job, put back on probation, and then fired for not performing at your new job. You would have no one to speak for you and defend you in a time of need. You would truly be on your own.



By Peter Kaczmarczyk

Back in July we held our annual bargaining session with the university to determine the distribution of wages for staff. This was an especially frustrating year, because despite our best efforts to lobby the university and the fact that IU will be receiving stimulus money to plug gaps in the state’s budget for IU, IU decided they would not give raises to staff. While they did authorize a onetime bonus of $500 for those staff making under 30K a year, they claimed this was all they could afford, despite spending $144 million on new building projects and announcing over 120 faculty hires.

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