Why Not Join the Union?


by Karen Adkins-Fleener

Inflation, Raises and Hard Times Ahead


by Victor J Kinzer

I have been talking to a lot of people recently who are afraid the staff at Indiana University aren't going to get raises, or if we do, our raises won’t reflect the actual cost of living. The unfortunate truth is that IU hasn't given us a real cost of living raise in several years. Several years ago, it was standard to base support staff raises on the increase in the Consumer Price Index, and then money available above that amount was distributed generally based on merit.

Changes Made to the Conditions for Cooperation


by Jane Goldsmith

The unions at IU are governed by the Conditions for Cooperation as adopted by the Board of Trustees. On February 26, 2009, representatives from AFSCME (Bloomington, South Bend and Indianapolis campuses) and CWA (Bloomington and Northwest campuses) attended a meeting with their respective human resources representatives from each campus.

Enterprise: Asset or Liability?


by Terry Stigall

FMLA - Revised


by Bernadette Robinson-Kinzer

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