Changes Made to the Conditions for Cooperation


by Jane Goldsmith

The unions at IU are governed by the Conditions for Cooperation as adopted by the Board of Trustees. On February 26, 2009, representatives from AFSCME (Bloomington, South Bend and Indianapolis campuses) and CWA (Bloomington and Northwest campuses) attended a meeting with their respective human resources representatives from each campus.

At this meeting, we were notified that the bargaining schedule was being altered. The unions and administration bargain every year. Some years we discuss only how our raises will be distributed to the groups we represent,.o In other years, we discuss changes to personnel policies, as well as how our raises will be distributed. The change being implemented is a three year cycle rather than a two year cycle. In other words, for two years, we will discuss wage distribution only. In the third year, we will discuss changes to personnel policy as well as wage distribution. The change to a three year cycle will be implemented by each campus on a staggered schedule.

This year CWA 4730 will discuss wage distribution only. Next year, 2010, is all-issues bargaining. Then the three year cycle will be implemented, with the next all-issues bargaining in 2013.

As always, we will be able to call a special meeting between bargaining sessions if conditions warrant it, and quarterly mutual gains meetings will continue.