Why Not Join the Union?


by Karen Adkins-Fleener

The union works for benefits, supports us with representation and helps argue wages. I decided to join when I realized I wanted union benefits and support for others, not just me! It costs only 3 days’ wages a year. We can’t afford not to do our share. The negotiated policy changes are important, and the list is impressive. Why not join to support me and others that need these benefits now—more than ever! Just think what difference we can make with the latest problems—outsourcing and buildings before wages—if we get more members. One reason the administration thinks we don’t care is because we aren’t all members.

I had no idea I would ever need the union. I’m sorry to say that I’ve had to call on them two times, and they did a wonderful job helping me. After the first time, I joined the union, but then after a while I felt the budget tightness and dropped out. Being single and paying rent, utilities and car payments can be daunting. Sure enough I actually needed them again. How embarrassing! Now I will always be a dues-paying member to support YOU and ALL STAFF.