IUB Steward Areas 4, 5 and 6

Area 4: IMU, Student Legal Services, Communication & Culture, Maxwell, Student
Building, Workshop in Political Theory, Folklore, Mathers Museum, Bradford Woods, American Indian Studies, Glenn A. Black Lab of Archaeology, Poynter Ctr., Latino Cultural Center, Hutton Honors College, Ernie Pyle Journalism School

Ed Vasquez, 5-2630, esvasque@indiana.edu

Area 5: Kelly School of Business, SPEA, Harlos House

Ed Vasquez, esvasque@indiana.edu

Area 6: Goodbody, Morrison, Sycamore, Memorial, MAC, Merrill Hall, Music Annex,
Social Work, Optometry - 800 E Atwater, American Historical Review, Aerospace Studies, International Affairs

Ed Vasquez, 5-2630, esvasque@indiana.edu
Connie May, csmay@indiana.edu