Steward Areas

IUB Steward Areas 1, 2 and 3

Area 1: Poplars, Bryan Hall, Law School
Area 2: Franklin Hall (Bursar, Registrar), Carmichael Center, Von Lee
Area 3: Cyclotron, Assembly Hall, Alumni Relations, Athletics, IUPD

Peter Kaczmarczyk,

IUB Steward Areas 4, 5 and 6

Area 4: IMU, Student Legal Services, Communication & Culture, Maxwell, Student
Building, Workshop in Political Theory, Folklore, Mathers Museum, Bradford Woods, American Indian Studies, Glenn A. Black Lab of Archaeology, Poynter Ctr., Latino Cultural Center, Hutton Honors College, Ernie Pyle Journalism School

Area 5: Kelly School of Business, SPEA, Harlos House

Area 6: Goodbody, Morrison, Sycamore, Memorial, MAC, Merrill Hall, Music Annex,
Social Work, Optometry - 800 E Atwater, American Historical Review, Aerospace Studies, International Affairs

Connie May,

IUB Steward Areas 7, 8 and 9

Area 7: Ballantine Hall, Chemistry, Jordan, Myers

Rossanne Walden, 5-7981,

Area 8: Radio&TV, Art Museum, Fine Arts, HPER, Auditorium, Owen, Parking Operations

Rossanne Walden, 5-7981,

Area 9: Woodburn, Theatre & Drama, Neal Marshall, Lilly Library, Kirkwood, Lindley, Swain East & West, Wylie, Rawles

Peter Kaczmarczyk,

Chief Steward: Rossanne Walden, 5-7323,

IUB Steward Areas 10, 11 and 12

Area 10: Main Library

Peter Kaczmarczyk,

Area 11: Admissions, Education, (316, 324, 625, 109, 201 North Jordan)

Area 12: Radio/TV at Fountain Sq., Campus Bus Svcs., IU Press, Document Services, Showers, 803 N Monroe St. - Optometry Eye Clinic

IUB Steward Areas 13, 14 and 15

Area 13: Institute for Disabilities, Service Building, UITS, Motor Pool

Terry Stigall, 5-1476,

Area 14: Geology, Psychology, Informatics, Briscoe, Campus View, Collins, Eigenmann, Foster, McNutt, Tulip Tree, Teter, Ashton, Evermann, Forest, Read, Wilkie, Wright, Research Services Building

Sherrie Denney, 5-8966,

Area 15: RPS, IUPD, Health Center, Development Center, SRSC

Terry Stigall, 5-1476,

Chief Steward: Terry Stigall, 5-1476,

Northwest Steward Area

Head Steward: Audrea Davis, 219-980-6584,