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Undergraduate Peer Tutoring

Writing Tutorial Services Peer Tutors work in the main location of WTS (in the Information Commons on first floor of the Wells Library) as well as the Briscoe, Forest, and Teter Academic Support Centers (ASCs). The ASCs operate from 7pm to 11pm Sunday through Thursday. All WTS tutors work a set schedule for the semester; that is, you will be required to work the same days and hours each week for the duration of the semester.


Students who are freshmen, sophomores, or juniors in the current fall semester are eligible to become WTS peer tutors. Because training takes a full semester—and is offered only in the spring—seniors are ineligible.

Students may nominate themselves. WTS also solicits faculty nominations for peer tutor trainees each fall. Faculty members should watch Campus Mail each October for their nomination forms, or they can contact Jo Ann Vogt for further information.


Peer Tutors must complete a 14-week training practicum held each spring semester and taught by Jo Ann Vogt. Tutors trained in the spring then join the WTS staff the following fall.

The training practicum consists of a weekly, 2-hour meeting with other new Peer Tutors; an additional 1 to 2 hours a week for preparation; and 8 hours of tutoring (2 hours per week) during the month of April. Pay for the training is $7.50 per hour.


To apply to become a WTS peer tutor, submit the following by the first Friday in November :

  1. a letter of application outlining your writing experience and your interest in tutoring; please include your home phone number and email address
  2. a resume, if you have one
  3. a writing sample (a paper from an IU course—any length), and
  4. a short letter of recommendation from an IU faculty member—this can be in the form of an email message sent to Jo Ann Vogt at

Submit written materials to:

Jo Ann Vogt, WTS Coordinator
CITL Writing Program
Franklin Hall 004
601 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47401


Those who successfully complete the spring-semester training practicum then tutor for WTS the following fall. They can expect to tutor between 5 and 10 hours per week, dividing these hours between WTS in the Wells Library and the Academic Support Centers.

WTS is open 10am to 8pm Monday through Thursday and 10am to 5pm Friday.

ASCs, in Teter, Forest, and Briscoe, are open 7pm to 11pm, Sunday through Thursday.

All Peer Tutors are required to work at least one late-night shift (that is, until 11pm) each week.

Rates of pay

The deadline for applications is the first Friday in November. After all application materials are reviewed, 10 to 20 students will be invited to interview in mid-November.

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Graduate Tutoring

Writing Tutorial Services hires graduate students to work on an hourly basis as tutors at WTS in the Information Commons on the first floor of the Wells Library. Graduate students from any discipline or department at IU are eligible to apply for tutoring positions, and may hold positions as associate instructors in their home departments while also working as tutors at WTS.


To apply for a position as a WTS tutor, submit the following materials:

  1. a letter of application describing any teaching or tutoring experience and listing the disciplines in which you’d be most comfortable tutoring student writing
  2. a resume or curriculum vitae
  3. a sample of your own academic writing; the sample should be 3-5 pages long and may be something written for a course or part of a dissertation, thesis, or other project.

Send these materials to:

Jo Ann Vogt, WTS Coordinator
CITL Writing Program
Franklin Hall 004
601 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405

Applications are accepted on a ongoing basis. To be considered for a tutoring position for the fall semester, however, it’s best to submit an application by early April of the preceding spring semester.


Graduate tutors should expect to work 10 hours per week at all WTS locations combined. In addition to their tutoring hours, all tutors are required to participate in 5 hours of tutor training, conducted in the first week of the fall semester, and to attend biweekly staff meetings throughout the semester. Tutors are expected to establish a weekly tutoring schedule during the first week of the semester and to maintain that schedule, working the same days and hours each week, throughout the remaining weeks of the semester. All tutors are required to work at least one evening shift each week.

WTS hours: 10am to 8pm Monday through Thursday; 10am to 5pm Friday.

Rates of pay

Tutors are paid $12.50 per hour for the hours they work at WTS, for tutor staff or training meetings, and for any other work they do for WTS.

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