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Blue: Member Open Practice Time
Red: Member Events
Green: Free Events (Bring Your Friends!)
Yellow: Competitions

Intro to Ballroom Lessons Lessons

These are lessons given each week taught by higher level members of the team and will consist of the basics of dances that will be covered in-depth during our weekend coaching.

Ballroom Buddies

Ballroom Buddies will take place once a week for the first three weeks of the fall semester, and will help new ballroom dancers get connected with the team at IU. We will do weekly activities to promote team bonding and help new ballroom members get acquainted to either IU, Ballroom, or both!

Information sessions

The IU Ballroom Club will be giving information sessions that explain important elements of our club. Every club has a beginning, and our club wants to share how we have grown throughout the years. At each session, an executive council member will talk about a different topic which explains why our club is so unique. Topics can range from competition photos and videos to fundraising opportunities. In addition, this is also a time to describe the election process as well as get descriptions and shadowing opportunities for executive council positions for those who are interested.

Mock Rounds

Every Thursday, the club runs mock competition rounds, which means we will run the practice in exactly the same way that they do at the competitions that we attend. Dancers will get the chance to practice their competition material in all four styles to music that is typically played at competitions. If you have any interest in competing, this is the day to check out in order to get more information.