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Interested in Competing?

Here at the Indiana University Ballroom Dance Club, we compete in Collegiate dance competitions. Collegiate basically means at the college level, and will consist of competition with other teams from different colleges.

The Ballroom Styles

Ballroom Styles

The Skill Levels

**PLEASE NOTE** If you are not a club member, there are FREE and optional classes for you to take. Information for these classes can be found on our Lessons Page.

Newcomer: Dancers who have been competing for less than one year. Once you have reached one year of dancing collegiate ballroom, you must move up to the Bronze level. Newcomers will follow either the pre-bronze syllabus, but if there is not, Newcomers will follow the bronze syllabus.

Bronze: This level has no restrictions on how long you have been competing. This is the first level of non-beginner competitors. This style can only follow the bronze syllabus. Most dancers in this category are Newcomers that have now been competing for more than one year.

Silver: This level is the next level after bronze. This level allows for all syllabus moves in both the silver and bronze categories.

Gold: This level is the next level after silver. This level allows for all syllabus moves in gold, silver, and bronze categories.

Open: This level is the next level after gold. This level however, consists of 3 different levels: Novice, Pre-Champ, and Champ. These levels do not have to abide by any syllabus figures, but will still have a few restrictions.

Competition Apparel


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Our Competition Schedule: Spring 2019

Valparaiso Ballroom Competition (valparaiso, IN): January 26th, 2019

Arnold DanceSport Classic (Columbus, OH): March 2nd - 3rd, 2019

National Collegiate DanceSport Championships (Chicago, IL): March 30th - 31st, 2019

Competition Checklists

Competition Checklist for Girls

Competition Checklist for Boys

Competition Results

Did you recently go to a collegiate competition? Want to see who recalled you and who did not? Visit the o2cm page for competition results.