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IU Ballroom Dance

The Ballroom Dance Club at Indiana University is run by a team of 8 executive council members, that are in charge of the money budgeting, arrangement of away ballroom competitions, social events, and instructive lessons in Standard, Latin, Smooth, and Rhythm among other things. Each position has a term length of one year, and elections for all executive council positions occur at the end of the spring semester each year.


Mikayla Lay

Email: laym@iu.edu
Year: Junior
Majors: Exercise Science, pre-PT
Previous Dance Experience: I have taken dance lessons since I was three and was dancing in a show choir for four years.
Competitive Level: Bronze
Favorite Dance: Rhythm Swing
Love to Ballroom Dance: It is such a wonderful, fun, and unique hobby whether you have competitive or social preferences!
Fun Facts: I live on a farm and own five pygmy goats.

Vice President

Elexis Bernavil

Email: ebernavi@iu.edu
Year: Sophomore
Majors: Media Advertising & Public Relations
Previous Dance Experience: 3 years of Cheerleading, 1 year of Colorguard
Competitive Level: Bronze
Favorite Dance: Mambo and Viennese Waltz
Love to Ballroom Dance: Creating connection with another person, learning their movements and mannerisms and creating something magical out of it... that's pretty beautiful.
Fun Facts: The Social Chair and I went to prom together and didn't even know it. Oh, and I can sing the alphabet backwards!

Team Captain

Rylan Deer

Email: rydeer@iu.edu
Year: Senior
Majors: Turkish & Psychology
Previous Dance Experience: Four years of theater
Competitive Level: Silver & Gold
Favorite Dance: Rhythm Swing
Fun Facts: I have my 3rd degree black belt


Kindjal Yu

Email: yudek@iu.edu
Year: Junior
Majors: Psychology & Media
Previous Dance Experience: I literally had tried every single genre in dance world (which made me bad at all of them): ballet when I was a child, followed by Chinese tradtional dance, and hip-hop/Jazz. Now here is the ballroom.
Competitive Level: Gold
Favorite Dance: Standard Tango
Love to Ballroom Dance: You think ladies have the resistance to sprinkle, shining, sexy, and elegant dresses and jewelries? NO WAY!
Fun Facts: I choose a new color and the brand every time I changed my phone.


Alvina Thamba

Email: althamba@iu.edu
Year: Sophomore
Majors: Biology, pre-med
Previous Dance Experience: Choir, Color Guard, Jazz, and (very little!) Indian Classical/Fusion Dance.
Competitive Level: Bronze and Silver
Favorite Dance: Smooth Waltz
Love to Ballroom Dance: It brings me joy and allows me to figure out (and love!) the world around me.
Fun Facts: I love dark chocolate and making lists of things.

Competition Manager

Sally Zhai

Email: sallzhai@iu.edu
Year: Senior
Majors: Mathematics (Minor: ECON)
Previous Dance Experience: I have taken dance lessons when I was little (Jazz, Hip-Hop, Chinese dance, Latin).
Competitive Level: Bronze, Silver, Gold
Favorite Dance: Smooth Viennese Waltz, Latin Rumba
Love to Ballroom Dance: You can express different emotions through different kinds of dances. And you can find your own ballroom style.
Fun Facts: I have blond hair underneath my brown hair; I have blood phobia.

Social Chair

Tysia Buchanan

Email: tybuchan@iu.edu
Year: Senior
Majors: Biology BS
Previous Dance Experience: Cheer/ Dance team in middle school, growing up in a black family, contradancing (google it it's wild af).
Competitive Level: Bronze
Favorite Dance: Paso Doble!
Love to Ballroom Dance: It's pretty chill tbh.
Fun Facts: The male New Zealand mud snails are much smaller than the female, usually less than half their size. Because of evolution stuff, to have sex the female has to mount the male because it's penis is on its head! (I work in a lab so my knowing this is probably just as weird as if I looked it up on the internet)‚Äč.

Marketing Manager

Marcin Malec

Email: mamalec@iu.edu
Year: Graduate Student
Majors: Computer Science
Previous Dance Experience: Swing dancing at IU Swing Club.
Competitive Level: Beginner
Favorite Dance: Rhythm Swing
Fun Facts: I like taking photos.