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The Executive Council

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The Indiana University Ballroom Dance Team is run by a group of 8 executive council members, of which are in charge of the budgeting of money, arrangement of away ballroom competitions, social events, and instructive lessons in Standard, Latin, Smooth, and Rhythm among other things. Each position has a term length of one year, and elections for all executive council positions occur at the end of the spring semester each year.



Amy Ross


Email: amyeross@umail.iu.edu
Year: Senior
Majors: Psychology
Minors: Media, Sex, and Gender, Human Development and Family studies, and Sociology
Age: 21
Previous Dance Experience: None before joining ballroom.
Competitive Level: Silver (Follow) Bronze (Lead)
Fun Facts: I have a Harry Potter tattoo.
Favorite Dance: Smooth Foxtrot



Vice President

Abigail Brow


Email: arbrow@umail.iu.edu
Year: Junior
Majors: Arts Management
Minors: Dance and Spanish
Age: 20
Previous Dance Experience: Concert dance in studios since the age of 3 and a year of Swing Club in High School.
Competitive Level: Bronze
Fun Facts: I love puns!
Favorite Dance: Rhythm Swing



Team Captain

Connor Gates

connor17 Email: congates@umail.iu.edu
Majors: Marketing, Economic Consulting, International Business
Minors: Telecommunications
Year: Senior
Age: 22
Previous Dance Experience: A Few months of hip-hop and ballroom back in 7th grade.
Competitive Level: Bronze
Fun Facts: I spent last semester studying abroad in Hong Kong, which was my first time out of the U.S.
Favorite Dance: Latin Cha Cha




Esme Patterson


Email: esropatt@umail.iu.edu
Majors: Human Biology and Anthropology
Minors: None
Year: Senior
Age: 21
Previous Dance Experience: None
Competitive Level: Bronze and Silver
Fun Facts: I have really interesting hiccups.
Favorite Dance: American Rumba




Rylan Deer

rylan Email: rydeer@iu.edu
Year: Sophomore
Majors: Turkish and Psychology
Minors: None
Age: 20
Previous Dance Experience: Four years of theater
Competitive Level: Bronze, silver, and a little gold
Fun Facts: I have my 3rd degree black belt
Favorite Dance: Rhythm Rumba



Competition Manager

Sydney Arnold


Email: sydnarno@umail.iu.edu
Year: 1st year Graduate School
Majors: Informatics, HCId
Minors: None
Age: 23
Previous Dance Experience: I have been dancing since the age of 3 and have been on school teams as well as grown up in a studio
Competitive Level: Gold and Open
Fun Facts: I gave up being a vegetarian for 11 years because I wanted some wings.
Favorite Dance: Rhythm Cha Cha



Social Chair

Jordan Lee


Email: leejord@umail.iu.edu
Year: Sophomore
Majors: Psychology
Minor: None
Age: 19
Previous Dance Experience: Never had any classical training with dance, but my first experience was with all the choreography we did back in high school drama. Shout out to Mrs. Seybold!
Competitive Level: Bronze
Fun Facts: One of my favorite things to do with friends is play card games!
Favorite Dance: Unknown




Sarah Harrison


Email: smh5@umail.iu.edu
Year: 2nd year Graduate Student
Majors: Library Science
Minors: None
Age: 23
Previous Dance Experience: Pop Warner, middle school and high school competitive dance teams
Competitive Level: It's Complicated...
Fun Facts: I am a huge Harry Potter and Doctor Who geek.
Favorite Dance: Standard Viennese Waltz