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Ballroom dancing can end up being an expensive sport or hobby. However, being a part of the IU Dancesport Team and the IU Ballroom Club can help keep the costs down. Through our fundraising system, we try to fit our members' financial needs so that anyone can participate.

The System

The executive council of the IU Ballroom Club supplies the team with money to compete. Each competition, the council decides to subsidize a portion of each members’ competition fees, which depends on how much fundraising they have done.

The subsidization system is based on a 10-point scale, where each point will be 10% of the total possible subsidization amount. Members can earn points by participating in fundraisers, which are assigned points according length and difficulty. Points may only be used once, but they roll over from Fall to Spring semesters (not over the summer).


There are several opportunities for fundraising throughout the year, which include:

If you have any questions, contact the council at Check out members announcements for up to date opportunities to get your fundraising in!

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