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IU Ballroom Dance

Who Are We?

IU Ballroom Dance Club is a student-run organization designed to help people learn and develop ballroom dance skills and to promote ballroom dance within our campus and community.

Want to Get Involved?

We are the IU Ballroom Dance Club. Anyone can join, and by anyone we mean students (both undergraduate and graduate), faculty and staff, and non-students including general members of the community. You must be 17 or older in order to participate in the club, unless you are enrolled at Indiana University (all IUB students are eligible to join regardless of age). If you are not a student, you must also have a IU recreational sports membership.

At the beginning of every fall semester, we have our annual call-out meeting for prospective new members. Did you miss it? No worries, if you missed the call-out meeting come to our Monday and Wednesday lessons, located on our lessons page.

Not really sure about coming to lessons but still have questions and want to come check us out? We have several socials that will occur throughout both the spring and fall semester. To find out more information about our socials, check out our socials events page.

Questions or Feedback?

Please feel free to email us at iuballroomdance@gmail.com.

Visit our Facebook page to see what is currently happening with our club, check out photos from our socials and away competitions, and get information about upcoming events we are involved with!

Want to Donate?

Always wanted to help and support a team or club? Here is your chance! From attending five to six competitions each year, to providing weekly lessons from professional coaches, to reserving practice space five times each week, our team goes through a lot of money. We want to do everything we can to keep ballroom affordable for our dancers, and your support will help us develop a sustainable program and progress in our ballroom dancing careers.

To donate, click the link below where you will be redirected to the IU Foundation website. Write “Ballroom Dance at IUB” into the “write in gift area” to donate to the club. Once you click the “Add write in gift,” the “Next” button will walk you through the easy online giving form.

>>> Donate Now <<<

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at iuballroomdance@gmail.com. We greatly appreciate your support!