Lab Members

Click on the names of lab members to see pictures, find out more about each person, and learn about research projects.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Mirage Singh

Graduate Students

Guangming Chen
Sundhar Subramanian

Undergraduate Students

Brooks Platt
Austin Collins
Connor Hannon
Jackson Fessenden
Julia Roell


Xiaohui Gao (graduate student 2009-2014)
Iris Dong (graduate student 2008-2015)
Siobhan Deis (graduate student 2011-2016)
Paige Matthews (undergraduate student 2010-2014)
Caleb Cooper (undergraduate student 2011-2014)
Ardian Soca Wibowo (graduate student 2008-2011 & research scientist 2011-13)
Kristen Reeder (1st undergraduate student 2008-2010 & lab manager 2010-12)
Alex Kovach (undergraduate student 2009-2012)
Alicia Erwin (undergraduate student Summers 2012 and 2013)
Hannah Kenninger (undergraduate student 2010-2012)
Alicia Munchel (undergraduate student 2009-2012)
Deblina De Ghosh (graduate student from 2008-2011)
Josh Carter (undergraduate from 2010-2011)
Chelsea Adalen Troiano (undergraduate from 2009-2010)
Kalyn Brown (undergraduate from 2008-2010)




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