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Dann Lab Myths, Chapter 1

Frozen Undergrads.

Amidst a humid, hot summer day, two undergrads were given the task of filling a dewar with liquid that is so cold, so treacherous, so volatile that it engulfs any room with its asphyxiating, foggy smoke. Great confidence was given to these two adventurers delving bravely into the realm of science.  The first obstacle was to reach the chamber that held this liquid smoke. A key! A key, is what they had. But alas, what’s this?! It does not work?! Some sort of trickery? Some spell laid upon said chamber door that does not allow access to those unworthy? What shall we do, the two ask each other? We cannot return empty handed with such an honorable and life threatening task! We must endure…suddenly a woman of questionable origin appears.

She comes to the two worried souls and states, 'If thou art worthy of entrance into yonder chamber door, show me thy proof, state ye cause!' Hurriedly upon request, the two hold up their key and state their cause. The woman pauses, speculates…but senses their intentions are true. Even though, she allows access with some reservation and a slight smirk, but why? Does she know something that awaits in the chamber that the two apprentices are ignorant of…

The first obstacle has been solved. The two can breathe a little easier.  Is the task at hand complete? No! 'Tis only the beginning! Now come the dangerous, most treacherous, part of their quest. Containing the freezing beast…armed with only one pair of winged shoes and a coveted impenetrable glove they cautiously precede. Soon they realize that both cannot enter this treacherous chamber.
We are forced to be separated? How can we accomplish such a task now asks the one with colored hair.

Breathe deep and calm yourself dear friend shouts the other in reassuring voice. Do not fear, no need to panic. We shall complete our task.

Okay okay, I will proceed first. Hand me the dewar. Let’s take care of this hassle quickly.

She reaches cautiously at the throat of the beast, slowly twisting, trying to calmly coax the liquid into its container. Its screeches and shrills, loudly whines! Slightly shocked, she still maintains her death-like grip. No turning back now, the beast has been aroused. The task at hand must be quickly finished or soon find yourself engulfed in a towering billow of smoke…that has taken many a poor soul in its blinding atmosphere. This day was no different…

As the dewar fills, the smoke builds. There is no way to prevent the build up. You only know from experience when to stop the billowing and safely exit the chamber without getting forever lost. As the dewar reaches max capacity, the chamber fills with smoke faster and faster. It is wise to stop said beast and save yourself from sure entrapment. She quickly tries to stop the beast, but it refuses, it continues to pour smoke and billow, spurting and dangerously spraying its stinging liquid around the chamber. A hurried panic quickly ensues.

'I cannot calm the beast!' she shouts. 'What am I suppose to do?' By this time, unbeknownst to her, the buildup of smoke has weakened her grip on the beast’s throat. There is no way that she can stop it now… she has let the beast build up to much strength. In a panic, she turns to her comrade. 'I need your help! We need help!' she shouts.

Worried for her troubled friends, she cries back, 'There is no way I can go into the chamber as I do not have such winged shoes or the coveted gloves! There is no way I would survive in that chamber without proper attire!' She tries stepping in, but it is no use. One step in causes a sudden effect that is unbeknownst to her. Her fear turned itself into an almost uncontrollable laughter. The gas makes her laugh uncontrollably…how so? No time to ponder…something must be done. For the moment, they both agree to request the help of their task giver sent upon winged dove…Suddenly a revelation…We must switch gears! However, all this talk was amidst blinding fog where the two adventurers did not know the other’s position. She quickly reaches out her arm. And pulls her comrade to safety and, stumbling, switches on the proper attire.

In the meantime, a message arrives on the workbench of a contemplating sorcerer. He doesn’t notice it at first. He merely fidgets, wondering what would be the next step of his experiment. He speaks muffled to himself, when will those two apprentices return with the necessary ingredient to complete my concoction? Abruptly, he is disturbed my the gentle coo of the dove. 'Ah, what is this?' he asks. He calmly talks to the dove, enjoying the small reward of company, however, not knowing the urgency of the note the messenger carries…The dove finally reveals its purpose. The old man’s eyes open widely with worry along with perplexity. He thinks to himself…how can such a simple a task create such an emergency? Alas, he must act quickly! He conjures up a spell to transport him to the chamber of the now uncontrollable, billowing, screeching beast. At first he is prepared to go, but suddenly, he remembers he too does not have the proper attire. Thus he has to clamor around looking or his own winged shoes. Now he is ready.

Poof!! He arrives, out of breath. Conjuring that spell took a lot out of him. But is it too late? He doesn’t notice his two apprentices. He only hears hysterical laughter…but why he asks? I thought these two were in dire need? It turns out that the apprentices had taken care of the beast. In their panic, they seemed to have summoned the ability to tame the angered beast and put it to rest for the time being…The effects of the gas are just now dissipating, but they are still laughing uncontrollably. It is a laughter of relief or of fear that they just merely escaped with their lives and did not become one of the frozen souls that the beast gruesomely collects…in all, the two managed to live another day, with a heroine story to tell…

***Actual names of characters have been changes to protect their identity. Parts of the story may have been altered. ***
***This has been a dramatization.***