Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | International Textiles & Apparel Trade
H404 | 0541 | Jung

Meeting Day and Time: T, R, 1-2:15

Course Description and Content

This course seeks to help the student (1) gain an understanding
of the broad economic, political, social and cultural dimensions
of the U.S. and international production, trade and consumption
of textile and apparel products; (2) gain an overview of the
competitive status of the U.S. textile and apparel sectors and to
consider the domestic complex within the context of the global
economy; (3) examine factors that influence supply and demand
in the textile and apparel sectors--with application for
manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, and (4) analyze major
global and national trends in production, consumption, and trade
of textile/apparel products which have had a significant impact
on both the U.S. and international textile complex.  This course,
intended for those who have had previous courses related to the
fashion business, seeks to develop the student's knowledge and
understanding of the different dimensions of the soft goods
chain on both the U.S. and international level.

Required Texts and Readings

Dickerson, K.D.  (1999).  Textiles and Apparel in the Global
Economy.  New York:  Macmillan Publishing Company (3rd

Outline Course Requirements

(1) There will be three exams (two midterms and one final) (2)
Each student must do article reviews pertaining to class project
and current events in global trade issues of textiles and apparel.
(3) Each student will be expected to select an international
company to research and a product to import or export to/from
the U.S.  This will be a combined final project with the semester
article reviews.

Other Comments

Prerequisites:  AMID203, Bus M300, and Econ E202