Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Interior Design V - Comprehensive Design
H475 | 0548 | Snyder

Meeting Day and Time M, W,  1-4

Course Description and Content

Individualized and team approaches to solution of
comprehensive design problems utilizing contemporary design
methods and procedures.  Lab fee required.

Required Texts and Readings

DiChiara, J., Panero, J., & Zelnik, M., Time-Saver standards for
Interior Design & Space Planning, New York: McGraw Hill,

Reznikoff, S.C., Interior Graphic and Design Standards, New
York:  Whitney Library of Design, 1986

Reznikoff, S.C., Specifications For Commercial Interiors:
Professional Liabilities, Regulations, and Performance Criteria,
New York:  Whitney Library of Design, 1989, 1979

Outline Course Requirements

1 small scale individual project
1 large scale commercial team project interfacing with design
Full contract document preparation

Other Comments

Work load in this course is heavy.  Students should be well
versed in computer skills such as word processing, spreadsheets
and AutoCad.