Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Internship in Professional Practice (Interior Design)
Y398 | 0536 | Landis

Meeting Day and Time:  Arranged

Course Description and Content

(S/F grading) (1-3 cr.)  P:  junior standing, approval from
departmental internship program coordinator and completion of
required paperwork prior to the beginning of the internship.  The
process of locating a position, writing a resume, arranging an
interview, and selecting a position is considered to be part of the
educational experience, and must accordingly be performed by
the student.  The internship program coordinator can provide
guidance for these tasks. GPA 2.5 or above required for program
participation; may be repeated for a total of up to 6 credits.

Required Texts and Readings


Outline Course Requirements

1.  80 hours of work for each credit hour (verification required)

2.  Examples of tasks performed during the internship

3.  4-5 page paper describing the firm, and assessing how the
experience contributed to professional and personal

4.  Employer evaluation of performance

5.  Intern evaluation of work experience

6.  Presentation of work experience at a seminar event or H168
interior design Studio Class

7.  Submission of copies of all significant internship
documentation to internship program coordinator for FIDER file

Other Comments

Enrollment in Y398 (interior design) is allowed only with the
written permission of the internship program coordinator.
Enrollment is approved only after the student has located the
position and the employer has submitted a written job
description that demonstrates that the internship will be an
educational experience