Anthropology | Jewish Women: Anthropological Perspectives
E332 | 0481 | Bahloul

This course is devoted to the analysis of women's roles and status in
Jewish societies and cultures.  Students will examine the representations
of gender in popular and religious Judaism, the gender dimension of Jewish
kinship, family structures, and religious practices.  A special
attention will be given to the modification of traditional patterns in
contemporary history and society, and to Jewish female emancipation.  Also
included is the discussion of the social experiences of Jewish women in
various Jewish cultures and national contexts of North America, Europe,
the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

The course carries undergraduate and graduate credit.

Course Requirements:

- 1 mid-term examination
- 1 final examination
- research paper
- class attendance and participation


A. Baker, The Jewish Woman in Contemporary Society
D. Kaufman, Rachel's Daughters
M. Sachs, Active Voices: Women in Jewish Culture

Fulfills: Jewish Studies History and Society course, culture studies
requirement, West European Studies course.