Anthropology | Navajo Language and Culture
L318 | 0501 | Le Sourd

This course provides an introduction to the structure of the Navajo
language and to the culture and world view of the Navajo people.  Readings
will be drawn from historical, linguistic, and ethnographic sources, and
from popular fiction that reveals the dilemmas facing Navajo people in the
contemporary world.  Topics to be covered include family and kinship,
traditions concerning the origin of the world and of the Navajo people, the
nature of space and time, and connections between Navajo philosophy and the
structure of the Navajo language.  Written work for the course will consist
of a series of problem sets that deal with aspects of the structure of the
language and several short papers.  The course is open to both
undergraduate and graduate students.  No previous knowledge of linguistics
or of the Navajo language will be assumed.