Criminal Justice-coas | The Nature of Inquiry
P290 | 1535 | Sandys

P290 is an introductory course in research methods.  The course is designed
to introduce you to research design, various research methods (including
experimentation, survey research, and field
research), and basic data analysis.  Particular attention is paid to the
advantages and limitations of different research designs.  In an attempt to
increase the relevance and the likelihood that you will understand the
substance of the course, a hands-on format has been adopted.  In particular,
there will be regular lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but most of the
Friday discussion classes will be devoted to completing exercises that
require students to apply the substance of the lectures:  students will
write, administer and analyze their own surveys.

Readings:	To be announced.

Requirements:	Grades will be based on three exams as well as completion of
exercises in discussion classes.

Class Meeting:	Two 50-minute lectures and one 50-minute discussion section
each week (TR 9:05-9:55A,     MO 015)

Course Will Satisfy:	CJUS core requirement

Instructor:	Professor Marla Sandys, Criminal Justice Department