Criminal Justice-coas | Topic: Private Security
P300 | 1547 | Head

Some scholars feel that the future of criminal justice will be much more
heavily dependent and invested in the private sector than in the public
sector.  This course is designed to provide students with some exposure to
this rapidly growing segment and its impact on and interaction with the
existing criminal justice process.  The roles of non governmental actors in
the justice process will be examined, with a focus on the legal and
sociological implications of their existence in a democratic society.  Both
not-for-profit and profit-making agencies will be discussed in relation to
the traditional criminal justice agencies of police, courts, and
corrections.  Private security and loss prevention operations  will be given
special emphasis.  Guest speakers with experience in the field of private
security will be called upon when appropriate.

The private sector has become an increasingly large factor in the field of
criminal justice, and given the budgetary constraints on local and state
governments, there is little doubt that private vendors will be asked to
take on an ever-increasing role in the protection of assets, the
apprehension of offenders, and even the treatment and punishment of
offenders.  For example, it is estimated that there are currently twice as
many private police in the U.S. as there are public police.  The courts and
corrections segments of the process have experienced similar shifts in
emphasis.  It is essential that this ever-growing segment receive the
attention necessary to provide a full understanding of the implications and
ramifications of this development.

The course will follow a pro-seminar format, with students expected to
participate on a voluntary (and involuntary if necessary) basis.  It will be
assumed that students have read the assigned reading for each class date
BEFORE attending that class.

Readings:	To be announced.

Requirements:	There will be two examinations (including a comprehensive
final exam) and one term paper due for this class.  Your paper will consist
of two grades:  one for a progress report (outline and biography) and one
for the final version of the paper.  The final version of the paper will be
approximately 12-15 pages in length and will analyze some aspect of criminal
justice in the private sector.

			Examinations will be primarily (75%) subjective in
nature, with essay questions and short answer/identification questions.  The
remaining section of the exams will be objective - multiple choice/fill in
the blank questions to insure an adequate understanding and comprehension of
the assigned readings.

Class Meeting:	Two 75-minute seminars each week (TR, 4:00-5:15P  WH 009)

Instructor:	Professor Bill Head, Criminal Justice Department