Criminal Justice-coas | Proseminar: Criminal Justice I
P501 | 1568 | Chermak

This course provides a general overview of criminal justice administration.
The primary objective is to provide a solid theoretical foundation for
understanding how the criminal justice system operates.  We will discuss the
different factors that inhibit criminal justice reforms, how police, courts,
and corrections are linked, and consider different influences on the
administration of justice.  The first four weeks are spent discussing
general approaches to understanding the operation of the criminal justice
system.  The rest of the semester is spent examining the specific components
of the system as they relate to the operation of the whole.

Readings:	To be announced.

Requirements: 	Grades will be based upon several short papers and a final

Class Meeting:	One 150-minute seminar each week (R, 4:00-6:30P, WY 111)

Enrollment in this section is limited to graduate students

Course Will Satisfy:	CJUS Masters and Ph.D program core requirement

Instructor:	Professor Steve Chermak, Criminal Justice Department