Communication And Culture | Introduction to Communication & Culture
C205 | 1153 | Terrill

This course critically examines communication as a cultural practice - and
the production of culture as a communicative practice.  Communication does
much more than merely transfer information between people; it is not merely
a transparent "container" for data and ideas.  Because it affects people's
beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and identity, communication is worthy of
serious, critical examination.  But, because communication is, literally,
everywhere, it is sometimes difficult to notice its functioning.  Like the
proverbial fish in the sea that does not perceive the water, we're often
blind to the subtleties of our saturated communicative environment.  This
course provides an intensive overview of the strategies that scholars use
to study human communicative activities, of the assumptions that they bring
to their work, and of the insights that they provide.  Emphasis will be on
the variety of strategies and contexts that shape human communication, from
the intimacy of one-on-one conversation to the spectacle of mass-mediated
events.  The object is to provide students with frameworks and vocabularies
through which they can become informed, critical observers of human
communication and, thus, more active and effective cultural participants.

Work will include several short examinations, a final, and a written essay.

This course satisfies an "Arts & Humanities: Traditions and Ideas"
distribution requirement.

NOTE:  C205 is offered only ONCE each academic year, during FALL semester