Communication And Culture | Senior Seminar in Communication & Culture
C401 | 1181 | Cronkhite

Topic: Propoganda Analysis and Critical Thinking

This course will survey three types of impediments to critical thinking:
Logical, Psycho-logical, and Socio-logical.  The first unit will survey
typical logical fallacies as described and exemplified in the book by
Kahane, Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric:  The Use of Reason In Everyday
Life.  That will be a required textbook.  The second unit will survey
psychological opinion dynamics that interfere with critical thinking.
For this section there will be no textbook, but there will be required
readings.  The third section will survey a variety of factors in culture
that interfere with critical thinking, including at least advertising,
cultural consumption, and social movements such as cults.  Students will
be expected to present at least one oral report, probably covering the
third unit.  There will be three essay examinations, each covering one
unit, and a paper dealing with the topic of the oral report.