Communication And Culture | Methods of Performance/Research in Communication & Culture
C507 | 1191 | Stoeltje

The course will concentrate on learning the skills needed to conduct
qualitative research with an emphasis on culture and especially on the
performance of particular topics or events. These skills are designed to
enhance an awareness of cultural factors in research; to learn to elicit
the kinds of information, texts, or performances relevant to one's
research; to observe formal events; to identify contexts and other
variables; to comprehend the unfamiliar; to utilize technology; and to
process one's research materials into useful data.

Students will be expected to observe actual events, to attend activities,
to interview real people, and to write papers on the subject. Some
activities will take place as a class and others must be carried out

The course will have written papers for each of the projects the class
undertakes (observation, interviews, etc.).