Communication And Culture | PUBLIC DIALOGUE IN AMERICA: 1865-1945
C538 | 1194 | Andrews

Professor James Andrews

This course will explore the ways in which rhetorical production
exerted and exerts influence on the development and negotiation of an
"American" identity. Students will be introduced to a selection of
significant rhetorical texts in this period of United States history, will
practice careful reading and interpretation of texts, and will survey
representative critical research.

Topics will include rhetoric and reconstruction,
post-reconstruction and race, the struggle for women's rights,
nineteenth-century protest and social reform, imperialism and world power,
the growth of the rhetorical presidency, and rhetorical perspectives on
twentieth-century social crisis.

Students will be expected to contribute to critical discussions of
texts, lead research discussions, prepare book reviews and complete two
take-home examinations designed to help them integrate material covered in
the course