Comparative Literature | Topic: The Avenger
C145 | 1208-1218 | Instructor

Satisfies AHLA and COAS, School of Business and School of Education
composition requirements

1208		8:00-9:15	MW	SY 006
1209		9:05-9:55	MWF	FR C238
1210		9:05-9:55	MWF	SY 241
1211		9:30-10:45	MW	BH 331
1212		10:10-11:00	MWF	ME CRB
1213		10:10-11:00	MWF	WH 002
1214		11:15-12:05	MWF	BH 305
1215		2:30-3:20	MWF	BH 314
1216		9:30-10:45	TR	SY 137
1217		2:30-3:45	TR	BH 217
1218		4:00-5:15	TR	BH 344

"Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord"

Who is the avenger? In an attempt to find an answer to this question,
this course will take us on a journey through stories of ancien feuds,
brutal duels, civil battles and frontier justice. From classical
heroes to medieval knights, from biblical wars to modern vendettas,
this course will involve a study of exciting tales that deal with
retribution, justice, retaliation and revenge. We will follow the
figure of the avenger through the history of western literature, as he
challenges enemies, fights against evil, confronts villains and
battles with monsters.
This course is an introductory, writing-intensive course that
approaches literature through a comparative study of literary
characters in texts from different eras, cultural traditions and
literary genres. The course is open to all undergraduates and fulfills
the COAS, School of Business and some School of Education composition
requirements when taken in conjunction with W143. For COAS C146
(offered II. semester) is also required.
Requirements: 3 papers, a mid-term and a final.