Comparative Literature | Lyric Poem
C315 | 1229 | Stetkevych

1:00-2:15	TR     BH 322
Satisfies AHLA requirements

This course aims at developing the ability to appreciate and analyze
lyric poetry in diverse literary traditions. Through a close reading
of selected poetic texts (in English translation) from the classical
Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and Arabic traditions, plus modern European,
American and Middle
Eastern poetries, the course will first examine the formal structures,
rhetorical devices, poetic diction and prosodic rules of lyric poetry.
It will then explore the modes and aspects of lyric: the erotic, the
elegiac, the heroic, the ritual, the subjective and objective, the
personal and political, etc. Finally, the course will contrast the
formal thematic and
structural specificity of the "closed" classical lyric traditions with
the "openness" of the transcultural modern free verse movement.

Requirements: Class attendance and participation. Three short (4-5
pp.) comparative essays.