Comparative Literature | The Renaissance and 17th Century
C525 | 1240 | Maiorino

2:30-3:45    TR	BH 236

This seminar will center on in-depth study of basic texts from
Bocaccio and the picaresque to Montaigne and Cervantes. The main
thrust of the course will be on the diachronic development of the
Renaissance from Humanism to the Baroque, and from Mannerism to
postmodern Neo-Mannerism (Borges, Barthes, Calvino, Eco, Lyotard,
Baudrillard). Emphasis on generic forms (short story, novel, essay,
treaties, panegyric), interlacing, intertextuality, and anxieties of
various kinds. The approach will be interpretative and set within the
context of cultural history, aesthetics, and history of ideas. There
might be an interdisciplinary bias.
Hand-outs on method, bibliography, and special problems.