College Of Arts And Sciences | Women and Nazi Culture
E103 | 0071 | Sieg, K

In Germany, as elsewhere, men have been particularly fond of asking
the question:  "What is Woman?"  This history of attempts to define
the essential nature and social status of women has traditionally
tried to confine their activities in a domestic space from which they
are not allowed to stray without running the risk of betraying their
"true femininity." We will examine texts and films by men and women
authors and directors to see how the notions of gender and femininity
have been constructed and in what way women have been able to respond
to these constructions.  The purpose is not to identify heroes and
villains, but to examine social forces that often prove to be
stronger than the resistance offered, and that in many ways are
operating under different labels. Topics to be discussed include
romantic love and friendship.