College Of Arts And Sciences | Star Trek & Religion
E103 | 0088 | Weaver

E103   Star Trek & Religion (Weaver) (3 Cr.) TR 2:30-3:45  SW 119

We will examine some of the ways religion appears in the Star Trek Cluster
(Original Series, Next Generation, and Voyager specifically).  The action
of this science-fiction series is set in the future, but the ideas come
from past and present debates, many of them about religion (its meaning,
its place, its value).  We will explore two related areas of religious
thinking in Trek.  First, we will read critics who hope for the demise of
religion, then explore those who think religion can be re-imagined in
mystical or cosmic terms.

Course Design: Two 75-minute classes/week. The first day of each week is
dedicated to understanding the readings and ideas of the week, the second
day of each week we will watch an episode and related clips from other
episodes AND take a reading quiz that relates the assigned reading to
those episodes.  Grades will be based on those weekly quizzes plus a term
paper (6-8 pages).  The course is both "fun" and rigorous: the fun part is
watching TV, the rigorous part is the READER and quizzes.  Attendance is
required at all classes.