College Of Arts And Sciences | Why Do We Tell Stories
E103 | 0133 | Dolby, S

We know that stories are entertaining, but are there other reasons
for telling stories?  Are there functions besides entertainment when
people tell legends, fairy tales, fables, family stories, or our own
personal experience stories? We will explore what some of those other
functions are—along with examining why the stories are so successful
as entertainment.  Readings will include Aesop's fables or the
Norwegian fairy tale collection East o' the Sun and West o' the
Moon.  We shall examine some of our own family stories and some
familiar urban legends.  You will have an opportunity to collect
stories from friends and relatives and write about the possible
functions those narratives serve.  The objective of this course is to
increase awareness of the functions stories serve in our lives and
develop effective analytic strategies for writing about them.