College Of Arts And Sciences | Folklore in Video and Film
E103 | 9445 | Johnson

E103 Folklore in Video and Film (3cr.)(Johnson)
Americans get much of their beliefs and understanding of the world,
including scientific from television, VCR videos, and films at movie
theaters.  Even the Learning Channel broadcasts programs about UFOs
other ideas and concepts very questionable scientifically.  This
deals with a number of issues of folk belief and world view
debated, propagated, and spread by video and film, and it will also
explore ways of critically viewing and examining belief on tape and
film.  Students will examine videos of their choice for critical
examination, including such topics as Atlantis, the Ark of the
Bigfoot, the Shroud of Turin, the Bermuda Triangle, Ghosts, UFOs,
Abductions, the Alien Autopsy, Loch Ness, and Near Death Experiences.
As Mulder says, “The Truth is out there.” Perhaps you can find it in
this class.