College Of Arts And Sciences | African Lives
E104 | 0145 | Clark

	Learn how Africans view their own cultures and families, from the
inside, by reading life histories, ethnographies and novels written by
Africans themselves.  You will begin to understand the different
perspectives and problems of African people from several countries, from
rich and poor families, and from cities and villages.  Many authors also
comment on white outsiders and whites' ideas about Africa.  In class
discussions, we will talk about how each author might have developed the
opinions he or she expresses, and how we are developing our own points of
view on these important issues.
	The class will cover four different African communities.
For each of the four units, you will read two books and watch a video in
class about a related community.  You will fill out a worksheet for each
book, with points we will discuss in sections for one or two weeks.  There
will be a quiz for each unit on the basic conditions of life in that
community.  You will also write a four-page paper for each unit about some
aspect of life there, comparing material from the two books.