College Of Arts And Sciences | Politics of Diversity
E104 | 0164 | Hanks

	"Truth," "reality," "reason," and "values" are notions, which are
integral to the maintenance of civilized societies.  We commonly understand
truth to be "the body of realt hings, events, and facts."  Reason is
understood to be the "power of mind, which allows us to comprehend, infer,
and think in orderly rational ways."  Values are beliefs, principles, and
ideals that guide behavior.  Societies tend to maintain the status quo when
there is at least marginal consensus on values and truth.  When there is
dissonance between what we reason or perceive as truth and what we value, a
condition for a social movement is met.  This course has two foci: (1) what
is the nature and meaning of truth, reality, reason, and values?; and (2)
how does our understanding of truth, reality, reason, and values impact
social movements.