College Of Arts And Sciences | From Captain Cook to Captain Kirk: Modern Scientific Voyages
E104 | 0170 | Sorrenson, R

As European and American scientists traveled into the Americas and
the Pacific in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, they saw
peoples, landscapes, plants, and animals that surprised and amazed
them. Their journals give us a vivid sense of what it was like to
discover and analyze those new worlds and you will, in one
assignment, write your own journal imagining you are voyaging with
one such expedition.  By the twentieth century, voyagers left behind
inhabited realms, plunging beneath the oceans, climbing Mt. Everest,
and eventually probing space.  We will
visit the Lilly Library to handle rare and valuable original journals
(and some "Star Trek" scripts) as well as spend several weeks looking
at the images and artifacts (including some at the IU Art Gallery)
that the voyagers produced or collected.  Readings will be drawn from
journals including: Bougainville, Lewis and Clark, Humboldt, Darwin,
and Hillary.