College Of Arts And Sciences | The Physics of Medical Imaging
E105 | 0204 | Orgren, H

PETs, CATs, and MRIs! The methods of imaging the internal actions of
your body are improving dramatically every year. Non-invasive
techniques for visualizing the workings of your body and diagnosing
abnormalities will soon dominate medicine. Do you know what a PET
scan is and what the risks might be? Do you know the difference
between an ultrascan and an MRI? How would you explain this to a
family member or a patient? This course will cover the principles
behind ltrasound imaging, x-rays and CAT (Computed Axial tomography),
PET scan ( Positron Emission Tomography), and MRI (Magnetic Resonance
Imaging). No previous physics course is required. One year of algebra
and trigonometry is recommended. Because of the nature of this
course, some of the medical aspects and current applications of
imaging will be presented by local doctors and imaging experts.