Computer Science | Introduction to Quantum Computing I
B679 | 9730 | Meglicki

Introduction to Quantum Computing, B679, discusses the use of quantum
systems to perform computations. This is a new and exciting area of
research in computer science, mathematics, physics, logic and
chemistry. Simple quantum computers have been constructed and
demonstrated in the last 5 years. Their properties and computational
logic are very different from conventional classical computers.
Operations that cannot be done on classical computers at all, e.g.,
large integer factoring, can be executed on quantum  computers in
polynomial time.

The course does NOT assume that the audience is familiar with quantum
mechanics. All required concepts and mathematics will be introduced in
the beginning. The course will then focus on:

physics of computation
an abstract quantum computer
a single qubit system
multi-qubit systems
quantum teleportation
Feynman quantum computer
quantum gates
quantum oracles
quantum Fourier transform
quantum and classical cryptography
quantum database search
quantum error correction
quantum theory of information
quantum computer hardware

and other topics relevant to quantum computing.