Economics | Introduction to Microeconomics
E201 | 1711 | Olson

E201 ,  Olson
"It was as if someone let me in on a secret." Believe it or not,
that's how a former student described his experience in E201.  This
course introduces students to the economic way of thinking.  A
powerful set of tools, the basic principles of microeconomics, are
developed in the context of real world examples.  Lectures are
supplemented by voluntary attendance at Collaborative Learning and
Supplemental Instruction.  Homework sets (also voluntary) are given
our each week.  Grades are determined by three hourly exams and a
final exam (sorry, these are not voluntary).  The instructor, who is
also the Academic Advisor in Economics, encourages active
participation in class and enjoys working with students one-on-one in
office hours.