Education | The Infant Brain Research: Issues and Implications
J760 | 5861 | McMullen

In this doctoral seminar, participants will examine a variety of
scholarly works and some whose scholarship has been questioned, as
well as popular literature related to infant brain research.  We will
debate implications of "band wagon" policies and educational curricula
which some argue are based upon faulty interpretations of the
research.  Finally, we'll explore how the research may inform best
practice in infant and toddler parenting, early care and education.
J760 participants will begin the semester by reading and discussing
Rima Shore's (1997) Rethinking the Brain, followed by the Stephen J.
Gould collection of essays, The Mismeasure of Man.  Gould questions
intelligence measurable and critique's the Bell Curve in several
thought-provoking essays.  Students will then select either The Myth
of the First Three Years or the Scientist in the Crib to read and then
write a paper about how their chosen author views the impact of the
brain research on early childhood education.  As a final project,
participants are to select one book from among the plethora of recent
publications aimed at parents and educators that purport to be based
upon solid scientific research.  Each student will read, critique, and
then share their analyses with class colleagues in a scholarly