French And Italian | Théâtre et essai
F305 | 2506 | Wilkin

This course is devoted to reading eight masterpieces, and French will be used
throughout. Descartes's Discours de la méthode; Corneille's
tragedy, Horace; Racine's classical tragedy, Phèdre; and
Molière's superb comédie de caractère, Tartuffe,
all date from the seventeenth century.

>From the eighteenth century, we shall read two works of philosophy: Voltaire's
Lettres philosophiques and Rousseau's Confessions I. The nineteenth
century is represented by Alfred de Musset's bittersweet play, On ne badine
pas avec l'amour. Finally, Jean-Paul Sartre's autobiographical look backward
to childhood is ironic, warm, and revelatory; it is entitled Les Mots.

The course will have a take-home midterm counting 1/3 of the grade, while the
final examination will count 2/3 of the grade. Prerequisite: FRIT F300; fulfills
AHLA requirement.