French And Italian | Advanced Grammar and Composition I
F313 | 2512 | Vance

F313 is the first half of a two-course sequence devoted to mastering the
nuances of French grammar. Students will expand their ability to communicate
effectively and expressively in written French by translating texts from
English into French, through communicative activities in class, and through
interactive exercises in the foreign language laboratory. Grades will reflect
students' attendance, their preparation for and participation in class, the
quality of their homework, and their performance on quizzes and tests (three
in-class examinations and a final examination). The course will be conducted
entirely in French.

Required textbooks: Harper's Grammar of French and Readings and Lessons to
Accompany Harper's Grammar of French. Students should also own or have convenient
access to a good French/English dictionary, such as the Collins-Robert or
Harrap's, as well as to a good monolingual French dictionary, such as Le Petit
Robert or Larousse. Prerequisite: FRIT F250, F255, F265, or F269.