French And Italian | Lectures et analyses littéraires, Honors
S300 | 2505 | MacPhail

This course serves as an introduction to the study of French literature and as
threshold to the French major. We will read, discuss, and write about a variety
of short texts from different eras and different genres of French literature. We
will begin with a selection of lyric poems ranging from the Middle Ages to the
20th century, and each student will select one poem on which to do a class
presentation and a short essay. Then we will read Prévost's 18th-century
novel Manon Lescautand take an in-class test on the novel. Then we will
read a selection of modern short stories from Contes et nouvelles, and
again each student will select one story to write on. Students will have an
opportunity to rewrite and improve their essays on poetry and the short story.
In the final segment of the course, we will read Jean Cocteau's play Le
machine infernale, which will be the subject of the final exam. Grades will
be based on written work and class participation. Prerequisite: FRIT F250, F255,
or F265; fulfills AHLA requirement; above section open to honors students only;
obtain on-line auth for above section from honors.