Geography | Human Impact on Environment
G208 | 2626 | Black

This course is in the environmental area (as are G107 and G109); it
examines the extent to which human activities have altered the natural
environment  how much they have influenced animal species, vegetation
systems, soils, water bodies and their quality, regional
geomorphology, and the atmosphere.  In addition to examining the
negative impact of human activities, the course will also examine
policies and programs that have been proposed and implemented to
correct several of the problems created.  Transportation is examined
as an area creating several types of environmental impacts; policy and
technological solutions to these are discussed.  The final portion of
the course examines the global extent of human environmental impact.

This course if offered in a lecture format with grades being based on
three exams, each covering a third of the course.  G208 fulfills the
NMNS distribution requirement.