Germanic Languages | Deutsch: Mittelstufe II
G330 | 2788-2790 | Professor Sieg

(3 cr.) Prerequisite: G300 with a minimum grade of C-. By now you have
acquired a good sense of the German language, and we are going to use
it to explore different aspects of contemporary Germany. We will work
with a variety of cultural and literary texts and films as a vehicle
for the development of language skills, and we will use creative role
games and group exercise. Language practice will focus on helping
students to express their ideas in both speaking and writing in a
manner consistent with advanced language work. A typical week will
include a written essay assignment, active discussion of a variety of
topics, a role game, a reading homework assignment, and a selective
grammar review. Each student should own a good
German-English/English-German dictionary; recommended (but not
required) is Langenscheidt's New College German Dictionary. The best
one-volume German-German dictionaries are Wahrig's Wörterbuch der
deutschen Sprache and the Duden Deutsches Universalwörterbuch

Texts:	Wells, Handbuch zur Deutschen Grammatik
	Moser, Die Putzfraueninsel