Germanic Languages | Deutsche Landeskunde
G362 | 2791 | Professor Holschuh

(3 cr.) Prerequisite: G300 with a minimum grade of C-.  Recommended:
G330.  An introduction to contemporary German civilization.
Political, economic, and social organization.  Historical background
of current cultural and national identity.  Presentations, readings,
discussion, and examinations partly in German, partly in English .
Three essay examinations; frequent very short quizzes.  Asynchronous
discussion via computer, with at least weekly participation by all.

Text:    Eva Kolinsky and Wilfried van der Will, ed.: Modern German
Culture Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1998.
Paperback. ISBN 052156870-6
Renate Luscher: Deutschland nach der Wende: Aktualisierte
Fassung 1999/2000. Ismaning/München: Verlag für Deutsch 1999.
ISBN 3-88532-688-4.
A course reader to be available from Mr. Copy.