Germanic Languages | Old High German
G638 | 2816 | Prof. Kari Gade

The course will focus on the Old High German dialects (phonology,
morphology, syntax) and their developments with sidelights on the
literary monuments and problems of transmission. We shall read and
translate select texts from Althochdeutsches Lesebuch representative
of the different dialects, beginning with the East Franconian
"Tatian." The final grade will be based on class participation, a
midterm, a final, and a paper.

Braune, Wilhem. Althochdeutsches Lesebuch. 15th rev. ed. by Ernst A.
Ebbinghaus. Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1969.
--. Althochdeutsche Grammatik. Sammlung Kurzer Grammatiken
Germanischer Dialekte. 12th rev. ed. by Walther Mitzka. Tübingen: Max
Niemeyer Verlag, 1967.